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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Button snap clip

Attaching Button on a snap clip

There are two ways to attach a button on a snap clip.

1. The first method is:

The pressing button comes with the top, bottom and a white container to press them together. Remove the metal hooks from the bottom button. Insert the metal hook thru one and two holes(refer the picture). Put the bottom button on top of the clip. By using the pilers make them flat. Then follow as per the instructions given in the button package, add fabric and snap both the buttons together.

If you are a dork like me, so excited and already made all your buttons before inserting them in snap clips, then this is for you

Keep everything ready. the button, 50 mm snap clip with a hole on top, long nose plier, e 6000, and a needle n thread.

This is how the back of the button looks. You can see the metal hooks are already pointy. By using the plier, make it little slant so it stays on the same height as the edges.

I am also using E6000 on the holes so the hooks will stay in place.

Insert the needle thru the hole of the snapclip and secure it tightly.

Use e6000 wherever the clip comes into contact with the button.

Let it dry for 36 hours. Boutique Snapclip is ready.

I am not an expert. May be this is not the correct method. I am explaining that there are many possibilities in making right out of wrong things. Hope u enjoyed the tuts.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Flower and Ribbon tied Kufi

Keep the kufi, flower and the ribbon ready. You dont have to precut the ribbon.

As u see, there are 4 wide holes on the beanie. Use the second hole for weaving the ribbon. Also i am starting from the front side of the beanie focusing on the middle.

Ribbon goes in and out thru the holes.

Use an alligator clip, to mark the back end of the holes.

Beanie back side.

Beanie front side.

There are two ways to attach a flower.

1. Flower on a clip..So it can removed any time.

2. Flower on the ribbon. It is also easy to remove and interchangeable on another beanie. And if the flower is heavy, it will not sag from the ribbon.

i am using the second option here.

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