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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to make candy clippie

Things needed: Red and white 3/8 grosgrain ribbon:

Red - 3 strips - 2 inches

White - 2 strips - 2 inches

Heat seal the ends.

Place them close to each other.

Cut a 2 inch white and glue it on the center(as shown)

Another easy way is to place the white and glue the strips on top.

Complete all the 5 strips.

Glue on each and every strip as shown in the picture

Front of the candy.

Candy tails:

2.25 inches X 2 red 3/8 grosgrain

Cut the ends in V shape and heat seal the ends.

Fold as shown and apply glue in between.


Using hot glue, place one tail in the corner of the candy.

Continue for the second one.

Finished Candy Clippie!!

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