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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Crochet kufi beanie for sale - From $2.50 - 25 colors.


TODDLER Kufi Cap - Posh N Pretty - Boutique Creations!
Many are in clearance for $2.50

I also have turquoise, shocking pink and ivory(rare colors)
I am making space for new inventory and colors.
thanks a lot

Sorry for MIA

Hi all,
I am so sorry that i am not able to keep myself update with the blog. I did add many free tutorials
like basic bow, calla lily, orchid flower etc.,
you can check them here:

I see that i get lots of referral from my blog to my website. I will do my best to spend some time here.
check out my new crochet beanie caps called kufis for sale.I also ship international.
Thanks for reading, vanitha