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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday Giveaway!on June 13th!

I have decided to have a giveaway on fridays. It will be started in the next week 13th june(which is my birth date(not day,lol).
* It will be anything from my store.Dont worry,your prize picture will be posted!:)
* Everybody are welcomed.. by posting their names on the comments section.
* Winner will be choosed by a drawing.
* If you are 'anonymous' dont forget to post your name in the reply.
* It will be 2 times a month on fridays. Depending on the response i will make it every week.:)
* Openings will be accepted until next thursday(6 days to enter!). Winner's name will be posted on friday in my blog.
* International welcome too!!!
So pls add my blog to your favorites and chk back soon!

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