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Friday, June 13, 2008

**************FRIDAY FREEBIE********************

The friday giveaway will be " Two boutique hairbows".

*You can claim it as a set(one color) or as a two different color hairbows. Measures 2.5 inches, attached on a partially lined alligator clip.
for colors pls click this link

How to enter:
* Submit your comment(optional), first name, state/country(other than US), colors. If you want them as a set(left and right side/pair)
put color(set).

*Entries are open until 19th June(today is 13th june).
*Everybody are welcome.
Thanks for your participation!


Vanessa said...

How nice of you to do a giveaway! What a nice blog you have:)

BabyLyons said...

What cute bows! Katie Lyons and I think as a left and right side/pair :) Thanks!
you can reach me on etsy,

Hilary said...

Nice blog and bows, very cute!!!
hot pink set
you can reach me at

Thanks soo much!

Amber said...

Cute bows....

Pigtail set
yellow or dark pink

Chris said...

how nice of you!! misty mason I would love hot pink you can reach me at!

Anonymous said...

Cute bows! Thanks for doing this!!
2 different colors
light blue

Cristin said...

Very cute bows and who doesn't love a contest!!

rebeccalw68 said...

Super cute bows!!!!

Rebecca - Wisconsin
New Chartruese set

Punky N Munky said...

How kind of you to offer a giveaway! My first name is Wendy, I am in Illinois, I'd love a set of the grape colored ribbon clips (althought I'd be happy with any color) if I am lucky enough to be chosen. You may reach me through my blog, or my Etsy store,

Thank you!

Melody said...

What a great idea. My name is Melody I'm from Illinois. I would like grape or orange but any color would be great too. I prefer a set, if i'm chosen, but i'm never chosen for anything. I think I could be the only one entered into a contest and still not win. :) Anyway great idea. Love your bows. I can be reached at

wigget said...

sandra from md, usa. i like the wild orchid color as a set.

Frank said...

Have a great day.

klp1965 said...

count me in please :)

lilyk said...

Wild Orchid (set)

purango said...

Beautiful Veronica Color-Navajo Turquoise. I would prefer it as a set.

N_Coronel said...

i love your stuff.

New Mexico
Wild purple pair